How To write Top-notch Articles In An Hour

Due to the rise in digital marketing and the need to boost traffic online to various websites, content writing is now a popular vocation that many people have adopted. The ultimate aim though is to pen meaningful and quality articles on a particular subject or product.

As with any other vocation, it does have its perks such as the freedom to set your own schedule, you can also work remotely and depending on the arrangement, it can be a very good source of income for you. However, there could also be challenges to it especially as it concerns scheduling and workload. The inability to handle these factors well can lead to one not meeting up with deadlines and this does not help your reputation as a content writer.

One of the ways to handle this challenge is to increase your writing speed. But one may wonder; can this be possible when you also have to ensure that the articles that you are churning out are top-notch? The answer to this is yes!

Here’s how to write Top-notch Articles

It All Starts With Your Headline

The first tip that you should know is that it all starts with your headline as a catchy headline creates excitement in the mind of the reader and a desire to know more. This is so for both the would be reader and even you the writer. Some writers make the mistake of writing their headline some time into their writing or after their write up. This is bad practice as it fails to give direction or a roadmap to your write up.

What Points Or Message Are You Conveying?

Articulate within yourself or with a rough sheet the points or message that you want to pass across. How best do you think you should go about it? Figuring this out initially helps you not to get overwhelmed as you write further increasing your speed.

Be Concise 

Now, it is a temptation for many writers to want to elaborate on the points that they are making as they write and in truth, the elaborations may actually turn out well. However, the idea here is speed and your reader might just be looking for a specific detail in the write up so, over elaboration could actually end up being just a waste of your own time.

Make Use Of Bullet Points

In order to further streamline your points, you may have to use bullet points. Thus, in a subheading focused on a particular issue, you can use bullet points to list out the various advantages or disadvantages to what you are writing about. This makes for speedy writing and even easy reading for your readers.

Do Not Overthink It

As any writer can note, there is usually the desire to write a perfect article (a mirage) and many a times, in trying to achieve this, writers tend to overthink it. As the saying goes, the enemy of good is perfect but in this case, the enemy of speed is the attempt at perfection.

Avoid Distractions

Another thing that actually kills speed in writing is distraction. In these moments, you find yourself still doing what you should have finished in fifteen minutes after an hour. Therefore, if you can just try and focus, you will find yourself a lot faster than you usually are in your writing.

Take Breaks

It does happen that despite your best attempts, you can still get choked. There are times when it seems that the ideas are just running from you. at these times, rather than trying to force it, you can just give yourself a break and come back to it later.


As a writer one of the things that you need to work on is your speed. This is because, in some cases, your professionalism is judged by your speed while in other cases, your payment is dependent on the number of articles that you write. Whatever the case, you need to improve on your speed in order to have the time to face other responsibilities that you have to attend to.


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