Empowering Young Minds: Children’s Day Digital Inclusion Outreach​​

Children’s Day Digital Inclusion Outreach At Trevas Academy

Children’s Day is a special occasion that reminds us of the importance of nurturing and empowering the young minds of tomorrow. Creative Space Startups is proud to announce the resounding success of our recent outreach event held at Trevas Academy in Ikotun, which focused on empowering young minds through creativity, innovation, and sustainability. This collaborative initiative, held in partnership with Climate Action Africa, left an indelible mark on all participants, showcasing the immense potential of the next generation.

Student's At Trevas Using AI Web Platform to Create Digital Art

The event reinforced Creative Space Startups’ goal for Techamaka to build the capacity of 10,000 young people in underserved communities by showing them the possibilities in the tech world.  As advocates for nurturing creativity from a young age, Creative Space Startups designed this outreach event to inspire and educate students about the critical role of creativity, technology, and sustainability in today’s world. The goal was to equip students with valuable skills and knowledge that would empower them to make a positive impact on their communities and beyond.

Digial Inclusion Outreach At Trevas Academy

The event featured a dynamic program of workshops, hands-on activities, and insightful discussions aimed at engaging students in various aspects of creative thinking and problem-solving. Participants had the opportunity to explore technology, including AI and digital art, and discover how these innovations can address global challenges, particularly in the realm of climate action.

Trevas Academy Digital Inclusion Outreach

The Children’s Day event at Trevas Academy, in collaboration with Climate Action Africa, served as a catalyst for change. It ignited a sense of purpose and responsibility within the students, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to make a difference. As we celebrate Children’s Day, let us renew our commitment to foster the potential of the next generation, ensuring they are prepared to create a better, safer, and more sustainable world for all.

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