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What Is Guest Posting? And 6 Ways You Can Guest Post


It is said that knowledge is power and at no other time in history was this more critical than in these our times. Lots of information on various issues are out there but, the issue becomes the reliability of the information out there.

Despite this fact, available data points to the fact that people are in need of the right information on the various complex issues of our time. Again, a lot of services and products are online and people largely have to find things out for themselves.

This leads them to the source for any information available on the various on the products and issues that are of interest to them. The market for this is huge, and this is where guest posting comes in.

What Is Guest Posting?

Simply put, guest posting is all about the publishing of articles on someone’s website. There are lots of reasons why this practice is a “thing” in the online world today. Primary among these reasons is the fact that it can be of great profit to both the owner of the website, the guest poster and ultimately, to the reading public who will pick up a thing or two from reading the article.

6 Ways Guest Post Successfully

Having earlier stated that there are benefits to guest posting for all involved, the question now is; how can you guest post? And how can you do it in such a way that it would be of great benefit to you? the following are some tips to observe.

What Are Your Goals?

It is said that when the purpose off a thing is no known, abuse is inevitable. For this reason, you as the individual about to start guest posting should have clearly defined and set goals. This would be the basis on which you hinge your other plans.

What Is Your Niche?

This refers specifically your area of specialization or as it relates to guest posting, what you want to be writing on. Do you have flair for or are you very knowledgeable in that area? Note that when choosing a niche, you have to choose an area where you can position yourself as an authority in.

Follow Sites With Engaged Following

Having decided on a niche, follow those in that niche that have a great following. This ensures that your write-ups will gain much traction when you start writing on such sites and in this way, you can boost your status and online presence.

Know The Trend

One way to keep yourself up to date with events in your field is by knowing and understanding the trends. What are the other guest posters doing? Why are they doing their things in that particular order or manner? Knowing and understanding these things can be of great impact to your endeavors.

What Posts Resonates Best With The Readers?

It will amount to a fruitless venture if you get to post and then your posts don’t get the traction that they deserve. For this reason, you have to constantly check out for what resonates best with the audience and then ensure that you follow that track.

Become A Known Quantity

Another challenge that you will encounter as a guest poster is the challenge of becoming a known quantity. This is because, people generally follow who they know and if you are not a known quantity online or within that niche, you will have that challenge. To remedy this, you have to associate with known quantities in that niche and get mentions and referrals from them. There are other ways to go about this but this is just a tip.


The internet is where lots of information is today. Many products, services and issues from the various fields of life are found online and as such, discussions and contents on those issues are found there too.

Guest posting is one way of joining the fray and lending an informed voice/opinion to the various issues of the day. It can also be very profitable if done well.


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