Why Organizations Should Consider Collaboration


Usually, organizations are founded with specific goals in mind and upon the establishment of the organization, it goes about to achieve those specific goals. It should also be noted that the different organizations around, have different goals and their own set way of achieving those set goals which might be distinct from how another organization goes about its business.Again, it is important to note that the world today is very competitive and an organization has to live up to its goals or face failure or even be wound up. Considering all these, why then should organizations collaborate? Here are some reasons why.

Why Is Collaboration A Good Option For Organizations?

For Mutual Growth

The success of an organization is in many cases seen through its growth process. During this process, it acquires extra capacity than it used to have, improves on the quality of its service and even extends or expands its horizon into fields or areas that they were not into before. However, there are certain organizations that will not be able to achieve this type of growth or ever expand the scope of its activities until they collaborate with another organization. This is especially necessary for small businesses as they in most cases cannot afford the resources necessary for expansion.

For An Expanded Network Base

For organizations that have a niche area of service, they usually will have a particular base of customers or patrons and most times, despite their best efforts, many will only know them for a particular service. However, collaboration helps the collaborating organizations to tap into each other’s network base thereby expanding your network of customers.

It Can Be Cost Saving

This is usually the case for organizations that usually will have to outsource certain services to organizations that have special skill sets to attend to those services. Of course, they normally will pay for their services and for an organization or business especially small businesses, doing this continuously can constitute a huge drain on your resources that could be used for other things. However, when your organizations collaborate, you all end up saving costs for yourselves.

Helps Solve Problems Quickly

It is often said that two heads are better than one; this saying is even true for organizations too, in fact, the more heads the better. This is because, even in cases where the organizations involved are in the same line of business, the skill sets, connections and know-how that one organization has will still differ from what the other organization has. But when all these are brought together, the results will be tremendous.

It Is A Win-Win Situation

One of the reservations that people have about collaboration is the feeling that they may end up not benefiting from the collaborative efforts as they should or that one party will end up benefiting more than the other. However, this will mostly be the case if the collaboration was badly negotiated as a good collaborative effort should be a win-win arrangement for all involved and for even the customers.

You Learn A Lot

Another benefit to be gained from collaboration between organizations is the fact that both from an organizational and on an individual level one gets to learn a lot. This is because, while collaborating, the workers in the organization get to interact with each other and in the process, there is exchange of ideas and information and everyone in one way or the other gets to improve on their various skills and knowledge.


The world is getting ever more advanced, what with the inventions and developments that basically happen on a day to day basis. If an organization thinks that they can meet the diverse needs of today’s populace, then they might just be in error. With collaboration you are able to be much more than just what you currently are.

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