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Save Your Time With These Blogging Tools


Saying that the internet is here to stay amounts to stating the obvious. Beyond its current impact, more developments are expected from it and all that any smart thinking person has to do is to maximize the opportunities that it presents. Today, many are doing so especially with social media and digital marketing.

Understanding Blog Sites

One of the most popular social media tools that people create and use are blog sites. These are self-publishing websites (that is, a site where people get to publish their own materials) where information and news or whatever niche of interest of the maker is published. It is usually informal and information or content is published to the interested public in an engaging manner.Ultimately, it is a tool with which publicity or popularity is built or created around and about what the particular niche a publisher is interested in. With this being the case, most of the people who work online e.g. digital marketers usually will run blog sites to boost the popularity, create interest and inform people on what they are all about. However, this can equally be so time consuming that one ends up not being productive with other activities.

Ways To Be More Productive With Less Time On Blog Sites

However, there are smart and proven ways to remain productive and even be more productive online in general and on blog sites in particular without having to spend your whole day there. Some of the sites, platforms or online tools that you can use to do this are:

Use Google Trends

We live in a society where many things are going on at the same time and it can be quite the task trying to keep yourself up to date with the trends of the day. However, with google trends, you can come to know the major issues or trends that are in the news on a daily basis. You can then from there sort out the ones that are relevant to you. note that you will be able to do this at a very short preplanned time every day unlike having to spend the whole day searching for trend bits.

The Software Jira

Using this software is dependent on the type of project or niche that your blog site is handling or into. This software has tools to help you plan, manage and track their various activities no wonder it is mostly used by companies. If your blog site already has many content writers, then you can use it in planning your blogsite’s activities.

Use Quora

This is a social media network or platform where people and even organizations meet, discuss and exchange ideas at great length and depth. One usually gets to learn a lot on this platform on any and every topic, no wonder it has over three hundred million users worldwide. If you are a blog owner that writes on various complex issues, this is a platform for you as you get to learn and exchange ideas that will further enrich the depth of your write-ups in your blogs.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

As a content writer for your blog site or for any site at all, you do know the challenges of having to write various articles every day. The brain block that may occur, the need to cancel and redraft before settling on a topic and obviously, the time it takes to do all these. Well, the good news is this, these activities can be automated these days, using the HubSpot blog topic generator, you can generate topics faster than you used to before.


One of the benefits of modern life with the internet and technology is that they keep giving us newer and easier ways to do things. It is only smart for one to leverage on these opportunities to reach set goals and accomplishments.

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