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How To Set Up A Remarketing Campaign On Google


The world today has gone digital. And as it is often said, the world is now a global village and everything now can be done online. This change has thrown up many opportunities and challenges too in equal measure and the only smart thing to do is to leverage on the opportunities that it brings.

Traditionally, the market was a venue where people came to buy and sell their wares. However, even that has changed with the coming of the internet. This is because goods and services can be sought for and obtained online.

However, the challenge with this (online services) is that there probably are thousands (if not more) of people who offer the same services that you offer online. The issue now becomes; how can I market my products or services effectively online?

Online Marketing

As an individual or organization that has goods and services that you want to sell by leveraging the reach of the internet, you do have to market your services. This is done by leveraging on the various online marketing tools that there are such as the SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (Social media marketing) among others and then using them to grow a huge online presence and following.

The primary reasoning behind having a huge and very visible online presence is that the more visible you are, the more likely that you would be patronized. This is the reason why despite the fact that there are already some global brands that everyone knows of, you still get to see that their adverts are basically everywhere. These things are done by these brands to maintain popularity and influence in both the market and in the society in general.

However, this might not be enough for you as someone who is not a big brand (probably just a small business owner) who might not have the wherewithal to exert influence in the market. The good news is that the internet is a great equalizer and, if you are willing, there are still things that you can do to gain certain advantages for yourself. This is more so if you are ambitious and have dreams of becoming bigger in your area of service delivery.

What Is Online Remarketing?

This is an online marketing strategy where ads are displayed to potential customers who have visited your site or have made use of your app (mobile app). With this marketing strategy, you get to keep in touch with your potential customers and target audience.

How Is This Done?

Notice that this strategy is called a “remarketing” strategy? And the definition specifically points out that it involves displaying ads to those who have visited your site? Ok, what follows from here is that you have to create a list of those who have visited your site and then focus your ads on them.

Based on the data that you have, you generally will have four options which are:

·         Remarketing to those who have visited your site

·         Remarketing to those who have made use of your mobile app

·         Remarketing to those who have provided or given you their email address

·         Remarketing to those who have either interacted or viewed your YouTube channels or videos.

Having created this list, the next thing for you is to go through the established process on google for setting up this remarketing campaign. You can learn more about this online or you can get an expert to guide you. This is because the processes involved from here onwards are more practical.


Online marketing is a huge thing in the world today, and taking advantage of the opportunities that it offers is one way of ensuring that your business thrives in today’s world. Apply yourself to learning how some of these practices work and reap from the benefits that it has to offer.


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