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How To Attract More Customers With Local Search Marketing


It is said that because of the internet, the world is now a global village as it connects everyone irrespective of distance and location. This presents many opportunities for people to network and market their goods and services online and be patronized by people beyond their immediate reach.

The Challenge Of Building A Customer Base

However, despite the possibility of having an international reach, it is never wise to discard your immediate environment. No matter what your opinion of your current environment is, they are still your first and primary market and can create the first impression that people have about your services. Remember the saying that charity begins at home? This applies here. 

Again, it is most likely that you are just a small or medium scale business owner and there is no chance of you competing with the big players in your sphere. As a matter of fact, you might just be struggling to keep the business going. Your best chance remains growing your local customer base from where you can grow. The basic way to do this is through search engine optimization (SEO).

What Is SEO?

These are means, trick even to increase visitors to a particular website by making sure that the site appears high on search results on the search engine. The idea is that the more the visitors to your site, the more your chances of being patronized by them. 

Another dimension to add to your use of the SEO is to use Local SEO. This is the practice of adding your location to the keyword which activates an algorithm in the search engine changing the way the results are displayed to factor in location. The advantage in this is that it narrows the search results down to those in the immediate locality ensuring that those within that locality in need of the services you provide will most probably look for you.

The following is how you can grow your customers leveraging on the internet with local search marketing:

Content Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, content is key. This is because, it is through the marketing or projecting of the things that you have to offer online that people get to know that you can offer such products or services. It is the equivalent of displaying your wares in an open market or a store for passersby to see. For this to work for you, ensure that you have quality contents to show.

Landing Pages That Are Locality Specific

These are single web pages that appear when a search result is clicked advertising or directing you to a particular product or service. Now, note that each locality has its own uniqueness that inadvertently rubs into your organization or business setup. Therefore, you can leverage on the positive aspects of your locality’s uniqueness in creating your own landing page to boost your local appeal.

FAQ Pages

This stands for frequently asked questions and it is a sure thing that many have seen pages like this online. The idea behind these FAQ pages is to create an avenue to answer people’s questions on certain issues. You can leverage on this to answer questions on topics or issues pertaining to your area of business or service and as you are doing so, point people to your business.

Blog Posts

People do love blog posts and you can leverage on it to write insightfully on issues or things pertaining to your area of service. In doing this, you can grow your readers, followers and possibly customers using this means. Note that you have to do all these with focus on boosting your local SEO rankings online. 


Life keeps changing t a fast pace in our world today. Things change and certain systems and practices are no longer followed as they get replaced by another. It is therefore imperative that people adapt to the current happenings and developments and even make the most of it in order to succeed as failure to do this will greatly impact negatively on the business. 


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