Creative-in-Transit: 15-year-old Emmanuel Using Tissue to Create His Art

Creative-in-Transit: 15-year-old Emmanuel Using Tissue to Create His Art.

Meet Emmanuel, a 15-year-old rising creative who is on a mission to change the narrative of most Creatives in Africa. Despite not having the luxury of owning an art studio, he believes in creating a space where other artists like him can utilize and create their artwork.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Emmanuel to learn more about what inspired his artwork, what connects him to his mission of creating a creative space, and the critical role he sees young artists playing in changing the world.

From his unique approach to drawing, to his motivation to paint, Emmanuel shared his story and vision with us. He started drawing at the age of 7 and has not had any formal training in art, but his passion and talent are undeniable.

As he looks towards the future, Emmanuel sees himself as a professional artist using his artwork to change stereotypes and narratives. But he’s not stopping there – he believes that more opportunities should be created for artists to explore their creativity, such as providing space or studio where people like him can thrive.

Watch the video as we dive into the mind of this amazing rising creative and learn more about his journey, his vision, and the impact he hopes to make on the world.

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