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Our Projects

GoDo Hub

Our Flagship initiative was created in 2018 with the goal of actively participating and contributing to the growth and development of an equal, inclusive and sustainable Africa. GoDo Hub has been the birthplace of Founder iNstitute Lagos chapter and beyond our support to founder institute. We have supported +500 innovators and entrepreneurs since our inception through events, training and various partnerships. 

In 2020, Godo became the birthplace for 2 more Creative space startups initiatives [email protected] and Techamaka. Find out more here Home – GoDo Hub

[email protected], created by GoDo Hub is a creative space startups initiative that enabled GoDo hub to create a suite of gender-specific programs with the goal of actively contributing to SDG 5. Find out more here Home – [email protected] GoDo Hub


Tehamaka is a creative space startups initiative put forward with the goal of advancing tech inclusion for all girls 8-18. Launched in March 2021 with the objective of empowering 1000 girls with basic digital literacy skills in 2021. Find out more here TechAmaka – [email protected] GoDo Hub

Mentors Konnect

MentorsKonnect is our way of supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem with experienced and certified mentors. With a database of over 200 skilled mentors, we partner with multiple organizations to provide mentors for their innovators while researching on best mentorship practices for African innovators. To find out more click here Home – GoDo Hub MentorsKonnect

Climate action initiative

Creative space has as one of its commitments to contribute to saving the planet through various initiatives. Keen on partnering with like-minded organisations to co-create and lead climate action initiates that save the planet thereby contributing to SDG 13. To see our active Climat Action initiatives click here   Our Projects (